CYCLVS DIEI autographed

Art of Dying

CYCLVS DIEI autographed

This is signed by Johnny and Stefano

CYCLVS DIEI is a musical album made up of smaller sections (songs) written and performed by Jonny Hetherington (Art of Dying) and co-written/inspired by the poetry and sculptures created by New York based Italian artist Stefano Losi. 

The work will be performed live to accompany the gallery launch of the art work at Dacia Galley in NYC on May 30, 2024. 

The music/art and poetry represent the 4 times of day: dawn, day, twilight and night and are sung in Latin, the same language the poetry was penned. 

Written on piano in NYC in 2018 the finished pieces feature orchestral elements along with the female voice of Emily M Cheung (Vancouver Chamber Choir/Cantana Singers) and the solo guitar work of Dave Martone (Nickelback/Bif Naked). 

Side A is the complete work boasting electric guitar, drums and orchestral elements. Side B features a more fragile stripped down version where the voices and piano become the focus.

Produced by Davor Vulama (Loverboy/America’s Next Top Model) the vinyl LP will be released at the gallery show May 30, along with a digital release of the first single.